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Clima Direct

How can we bind and retain new and current customers?
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Clima Direct is a wholesaler in air conditioning systems and assembly materials and has experienced considerable growth in recent years, acquiring many new specialist companies as customers. To retain these and existing customers, the Clima Points savings programme has been launched.

Through the Clima Points programme, points are earned based on the value of each online order. During campaigns double points can be earned on specific brands or products and on birthdays participating professionals receive extra Clima Points.

To make it easy for customers to participate in the programme, a Single Sign On process has been set up.

Everything is arranged down to the last detail, from project management to fulfilment and customer service, including a customised savings range.

primary goals
  • Stimulate online sales (via your own webshop)
  • Launch marketing campaigns quickly and effectively
  • Increase involvement and brand loyalty among non-contracted skilled workers
  • Participating professionals are very satisfied with the programme
  • In the first year after launch, 51% of the customer base actively participates in the programme and 40% of the allocated Points are redeemed
  • Customers who actively participate predominantly place more orders via the Clima Direct webshop

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