Build valuable relationships

Loyalty programs enable organizations to respond to loyalty objectives in a structural and simple manner. For example, through a reward in points or advantage, the target group is personally captivated, bound and retained. This keeps a brand or company structurally under attention, creating a higher degree of interaction and involvement. That is how a loyalty program motivates the target group to display the desired behavior.

There are many possibilities. Think of savings programs, reseller incentive programs or sales incentive programs. Touch accompanies this process from A to Z and takes care of this completely. From setting up a briefing and objectives, to developing the reward mechanism and the communication components. We are happy to help you achieve your loyalty goals!

Take advantage of every contact moment with customers

Touch combines knowledge and operational possibilities to continuously stimulate, inspire and reward customers through a structured loyalty program. We are happy to help you acquire new customers and retain existing customers!

With a loyalty program for consumers, brands and companies remain in the attention of the customer in a structural way. By responding to relevant contact moments, a loyalty program can be used to target the desired behavior of the consumer. Therefore, interact with customers now and increase brand preference!

Recognize and reward employees

All successful employee programs revolve around one essential element: happy employees. This means that the staff is engaged and productive. One of the most important conditions for happy employees is that they are recognized and rewarded for their efforts and the work that they do.

A loyalty program offers the opportunity to constantly stimulate, inspire and reward employees through a structured program. This can positively influence the way people act and work.

Turn business partners into ambassadors

68% of business partners end a relationship due to a lack of interest from the supplier. Therefore, use every contact moment and remain in the spotlight on a structural basis with a loyalty program for business partners!

The various loyalty solutions of our loyalty experts help to create distinctiveness, intensify the relationship with resellers and turn business partners into ambassadors.

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