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Get the most out of promotions, loyalty and incentive programs
Touch’s software suite offers easy-to-use plug-and-play solutions suitable for B2C, B2B and B2E. Get the most out of promotions, loyalty and incentive programs with connected sales channels – in-store, online, mobile, B2B and employee benefits stores. The multi-merchant architecture is designed and proven to scale without limitations, so your entire team can work together from one integrated environment.
LoyaltyPoint®: loyalty software & service applicatie

Looking for a leading software solution to quickly and easily set up and manage a powerful loyalty program? Touch has the perfect answer: LoyaltyPoint®. This specialised loyalty software and service application can be quickly and easily deployed as an extension of a web shop, app, intranet or as a standalone solution!

Thanks to this loyalty software, organisations are able to respond to loyalty objectives in a structural way by means of a loyalty programme. With this, more return can be obtained from the target group.

Expand: digital commerce cloud for retail

Grow your business without hassle with this easy to integrate cloud platform! Increase sales by building scale and reach with unique digital product deals, attract new customers and increase retention.

Want to expand your webshop’s current product range? Expand is easy to implement via an API connection. Would you rather set up a whole new ticketshop? Touch’s ticketsoftware also offers plenty of options for this. Distinguish yourself from the competition with a unique portfolio and next-level promotions with Expand!

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