With more than 300 content partners, always a competitive ticket deal to stand out!


Really great cards to surprise with! From our own assortment as well as gift cards from well-known chains.


Great deals on over
150 A-brands, divided among
25 product categories!

It’s the right gift at the perfect time

Tickets, vouchers, codes, gift cards and A-brand products…. At Touch, we are always looking for the best deals. An important part of any activation, because the success of your program or campaign stands or falls with a good proposition.

We have a very wide range, in which we can always find a service or product that suits your needs. We supply over 150 A-brands, divided over 25 product categories. We also have a wide range of gift and benefit cards and a network of over 300 day trips, packages and shows in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Which deal fits your activation? We know!

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Outsource loyalty fulfillment and logistics?
Touch helps!

The main advantage of loyalty fulfillment by Touch Incentive is that you don’t have to worry about the handling of your activation yourself. We will compile a suitable gift assortment and, with our own warehouse, we will also gladly take over the processing of all your orders – including customer service and after sales. Complete loyalty fulfillment so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Touch can also take care of the entire logistics process of your loyalty program. We automate the processes so that assortments are integrated and orders are processed automatically via APIs. We store the products in our own warehouse, from where we ship them directly to end customers throughout Europe. Again, we take care of customer service and after sales. A complete solution!

Gift and benefit cards
Both for customers and employees, gift and benefit cards are proving to be the most popular products within loyalty campaigns. Why? Because valuable, cash-based rewards are the most effective way to attract attention, stay top-of-mind and encourage loyalty. All of our cards can be used in a flexible way for marketing campaigns or discount promotions, as incentives for customers or employees or in a loyalty program.

Surprise customers with a one-time ticket activation or a structural ticket campaign and generate additional online or in-store traffic with Touch’s tickets, vouchers and codes!

Tickets are also an easy way to broaden the product range while creating a distinctive proposition from competitors.

Thanks to strong partnerships, Touch can always offer a ticket deal that perfectly matches the objectives, target group and period in the year. We like to think along with you and thanks to our ticketing software the possibilities are endless.

A-brand products

Touch specializes in catalogue management. An important part of any program, because the success of your benefit or loyalty program stands or falls with a good (product) assortment.

That is why we supply over 150 A-brands, divided over 25 product categories. For example, consumer electronics, luxury goods, cookware and household products. This assortment can of course also be expanded with tickets and gift cards.


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