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Touch creates successful alternatives to standard promotions or employee programs. We work with a full service approach, from concept to realization. This way, Touch ensures that the type of promotion always matches the wishes, goals and ambitions of your organization. From added value promotions and tailor-made incentive campaigns to gift codes, microgifting and employee programs. The possibilities are endless.

The big advantage is that you are completely unburdened. Touch arranges a (digital) gift card, voucher or code, the necessary POS materials, a claim or reservation platform and the corresponding fulfillment of the campaign. Everything can be set up completely in your own corporate identity. This way everything is fully arranged.

We are happy to discuss all possibilities with you over a cup of coffee!

Added value promotions

Added value promotions are based on adding value to a product or service. By using the right incentive, you don’t have to compromise on the price of your product or service, but the total package does become worth more.

At Touch we use our own gift and discount cards for added value promotions. These cards have a high experience value and create a positive association with your brand with each use. This way, a long-lasting positive emotion is associated with your brand thanks to the use of these incentives.

Moreover, with Touch’s attractive B2B rates, you do not compromise on price, turnover or margin. This can significantly improve the Return On Investment (ROI) of your marketing campaign. An added value promotion thus successfully contributes to a growth in turnover and market share and even higher loyalty!

Gift codes 

A nice incentive is a proven tool to positively influence consumers at the time of purchase. With the Gift Codes concept we make it possible to work with incentives that are normally not feasible in terms of budget. Think of gadgets, gift cards and premiums.

Using Gift Codes is substantially cheaper than pre-purchasing expensive incentives. A fixed amount per campaign is agreed based on a low price per code. This way, the budget remains manageable and there is no risk for you as an entrepreneur if the promotion is a great success. In addition, no additional fulfillment work is required and locations do not have to manage their own stock.

We completely unburden you, arrange all fulfillment and customer service and bear the risk. With Gift Codes you can easily realize an impactful incentive campaign.

Micro Gifting

A gift doesn’t always have to be big or expensive. It’s about the disarming effect of the gesture. The smile, the good feeling.

You can respond to this perfectly with micro gifting. A micro-gift is a small gift to stimulate, reward or involve customers, colleagues and business relations. The gift is often directly available online and can be claimed via our platform. Moreover, we build the claim platform entirely in your look and feel. You can even let the recipient choose from several small presents here! That way there is always something they would like.

With this method, you can quickly and easily create extra contact moments and a higher satisfaction among your target group. And since these are small gifts, this can be done at a relatively low cost. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of micro gifting? Let’s get in Touch.

Tailor-made incentive campaigns

Every target audience and every sector is different and we understand that at Touch. That is why we like to look at which promotion options best match your objectives and we create a tailor-made proposition for you.

Touch has a network of more than 300 activity locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and a strong collaboration with various luxury brands. Think of tickets for amusement parks, zoos or saunas or products from luxury brands such as JBL, Woodwick or Walra. Thanks to this wide range of tickets and incentives, there is always a solution that meets your needs.

Employee incentives

Happy employees are healthier, more stress resistant, more creative and more productive. This is essential for satisfied customers and positive results. By positively connecting these employees to your organization, you retain the right people with the right attitude, knowledge and skills.

That is why it is important to reward and appreciate your employees for the work they do. So do something extra for your employees, for example with an employee program from Touch.

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