A gift card can really be anything!
Waaier van 6 verschillende cadeaukaarten van Touch Incentive
Our Gift Cards

Gift cards are an exclusive promotional item, suitable for any target group and any sector. As a reward for employees or as a year-end gift, cards are always highly valued. Gift cards are also a popular choice in an added value promotion for customers. Moreover, they are available with attractive B2B conditions. So you can’t miss out!

All our gift cards are available both physically and digitally. When sent digitally by email, they can also be personalized. All this with a fast time-to-market of course. Order your cards here or…

The benefits of gift cards

Can be used for any target group

Surprising, unique and distinctive

VAT-free and with attractive B2B conditions

Surprise with a tasty ice cream

What could be better than a refreshing ice cream on a hot day? But ice cream melts quickly… With the IJskadokaart (Icecream Gift Card), you can give a delicious ice cream as a gift with peace of mind.

The IJskadokaart is issued in co-operation with Unilever. With this gift card the recipient can choose a delicious ice cream for € 7.50. This can be turned in at various national ice cream shops. This can be done at various locations around the country. The assortment varies from guilty pleasures such as Ben&Jerry’s and Magnum, but also responsible choices such as a Raketje or a Solero from Ola. So there is something for everyone!

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Then also take a look at the website ijskadokaart.nl

Treat to tasty artisanal products

A delicious warm bread from the baker, sweet pieces of fruit from the greengrocer or a tender piece of meat from the butcher. With the Verskadokaart (Fresh Produce Giftcard) you can have it all!

The Verskadokaart worth € 10.00 is a unique gift card that can be redeemed for delicious fresh products at various (specialty) stores and lunchrooms throughout the Netherlands. The recipient chooses what delicious traditional products he or she brings into the house with this gift card. Moreover, you also give local entrepreneurs a helping hand.

Want to know more about this gift card?
Then also take a look at verskadokaart.nl

Give a delicious cup of coffee as a gift

A creamy cappuccino, a strong espresso or just a nice black cup at the corner café. With the Koffiecadeaukaart (Coffee Giftcard) you can do it all and also choose something delicious to make it complete.

With the Koffiecadeaukaart worth € 10.00 you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea with something tasty. There are more than 1,000 locations nationwide where you can redeem the gift card, including LaPlace, Delifrance and de Beren.

Would you like to know more about this gift card?
Then also take a look at koffiecadeaukaart.nl

Always the perfect gift card!

Are you in doubt about what to make your employees or customers really happy? Give them the choice with the Select Cadeaukaart (Select Giftcard)! It’s great as a (Christmas) gift, as a surprise or reward, or as an incentive in a marketing campaign.

With the Select Cadeaukaart, the recipient chooses a gift card themselves. There is a wide selection of popular gift cards available, including Pathé, Bol.com, Bijenkorf, Zalando and Intratuin. The card can be revalued, so you can determine the value yourself. This way you will always have the perfect gift.

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Then also take a look at selectcadeaukaart.nl 

the best hotels for the lowest price!

From simple to luxury hotels, from hotels in sunny destinations to hotels in nature…. The Hotellme Giftcard can be redeemed for one or more hotel nights on our own booking platform.

The Hotellme Giftcard has a variable value from € 5,- up to € 150,-. This gift card offers a higher promotional value for almost every budget. With over 500,000 hotels worldwide, there is a dream destination for everyone!

Would you like to know more about this gift card?
Then also take a look at the website hotellme.eu

Pathé vouchers & giftcards

Pathé Vouchers and Giftcards are the perfect gift for customers, employees and other movie lovers. They come in all shapes and sizes. From a weekday 2D movie to a 4DX Dolby Cinema movie (3D) with Drinks & Bites. How will you surprise the recipients?

The Pathe Giftcard and Vouchers can be used as an exclusive promotional item for any target group and any sector. Moreover, they have a fast time-to-market. Ideal for Christmas hampers, as end-of-year gifts or just because it’s fun. You can get the vouchers both digitally and on print. At Touch, we offer the Pathé Giftcard and Vouchers on attractive B2B terms.

Would you like to know more about this gift card?
Then also take a look at the website pathe.nl


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