Gift- and Benefit Cards

Nice to give, nice to get

Gifting… You can leave that to us

For both customers and employees, gift and benefit cards appear to be the most popular products within loyalty campaigns. Why? Because valuable, cash-based rewards are the most effective way to attract attention, stay top-of-mind and encourage loyalty.

Taking into account the recipient’s preferences will only make your promotion more effective. That’s why at Touch we have a wide range of gift and benefit cards. Really nice cards to surprise with! Both from our own range and third-party gift cards. How about an IJskadokaart, an Erop Uit Voordeelkaart or a Select Cadeaukaart? Or maybe a Pathé Gift Card or a gift card? We have it all!

All our cards can be used flexibly for marketing campaigns or discount promotions, as incentives for customers or employees or in a loyalty programme. Order your cards here or…

Gift Cards

People love gift cards! They are fun to give and fun to get. Where “regular money” regularly ends up among the grocery money, a gift card is really spent on a present for the recipient themselves. So it’s not surprising that gift cards are the most popular gift each year. Moreover, they have a high attention value!

benefit cards

Benefit cards offer a surprising element in this regard by providing access to a platform with unique deals on which high discounts are given. In addition, credit can be placed on our benefit cards, which means that these cards also function as gift cards. This way you can give surprising benefits!

third party giftcards
In addition to our own range of gift and benefit cards, we are distributors of various third party gift cards. These A-brand gift cards can also be used in a promotion or loyalty program or as (Christmas) gifts for employees. There is something for everyone!

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