How can AVIA attract new customers and generate more traffic at the fuel stations?
The Touch Approach
(New) customers are motivated and encouraged to repeatedly refuel at AVIA through a savings system with a valuable incentive as a reward. Repeat purchases create a preference for AVIA, which also persists after the promotion – provided that the service is satisfactory during visits. For every €10 spent (excluding tobacco and games of chance), 1 savings stamp is issued. When submitting a full savings card (10 stamps), the customer receives a 50% discount on Fresh ‘n Rebel products:
  • Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins 2 / Twins Tip: From € 79.99 for only € 47.95
  • Fresh ‘n Rebel Rockbox Bold S: From €49.99 for only €27.95
  • Fresh ‘n Rebel Rockbox Bold XS: From € 39.99 for only € 23.95
Touch supplies a starter package with the number of agreed products and a complete POS package per branch. This package consists of savings cards, stamps, posters and window stickers.
Primary Goals
  • Stimulate repeat visits and purchases
  • The promotion is a repeat of the previous JBL savings campaign, which has been repeated due to success
  • More than 86 starter packs distributed nationally with 3,870 Fresh & Rebel products.

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