Using loyalty and incentive campaigns is a smart way to differentiate a company from competing companies. In addition, the return on investment of this type of campaign is higher than discount campaigns, especially in the long term. Yet discount campaigns are still seen as the way to generate traffic to stores and stimulate sales. Nothing is less true! Of course a discount campaign does attract people, but at the same time it can evoke a ‘cheap’ negative association. Moreover, discount promotions structurally compromise on price; this does not increase sales, but it does increase the cost price! A better way to generate traffic is incentive marketing. This is because it adds extra value to the entire offer. A successful incentive campaign therefore offers a higher experiential value than a discount campaign. This ensures a much more positive brand experience for the customer, which also stimulates customer loyalty. An incentive can usually be realized at an attractive cost. So stop with short-term discount promotions that make you lose out on price, turnover and margin. Go for incentive marketing and add value.
The power of incentive marketing
Incentive marketing is a specific marketing strategy to acquire, retain or win back customers by giving them a reward. The principle of incentive marketing is quite simple; through the reward and the associated recognition, the desired (buying) behavior is stimulated. This marketing strategy works best when a one-time action is required, such as buying a product, signing up for the newsletter or downloading an e-book. Adding an incentive to this action makes the entire offer more attractive. In this way, incentive marketing is an efficient tool to increase the conversion rate of your campaign.
All the positive effects of incentive marketing in a row
Incentive marketing:
  • Increase the value of the total offer without compromising on price, margin or brand experience;
  • significantly increase the conversion on a campaign;
  • Promote customer satisfaction and stimulate customer loyalty.
“Stop with short-term discount promotions that make you sacrifice price, revenue and margin. Go for incentive marketing and add value instead.”
Start with incentive marketing now!
Enough reasons for us at Touch to believe in the power of incentive marketing. However, it is important that the incentive matches your service or product in terms of both experience and value. You can read more about this in our blog ‘more conversion through the right incentive’. We like to think along with you. Touch has a wide range of unique advantage cards and gift cards that can be used in an incentive campaign, but we are also happy to discuss tailor-made possibilities.
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