How can Tango differentiate the Tango app and stimulate the use of the app?  

The Touch Approach

With the Tango app, users can refuel with a discount and pay by mobile, park via the app and easily share their car. Several practical functions (refueling, mobility and parking) are thus bundled in one app.

To add a bit of fun and experience to the app, Touch Incentive has introduced the Tango Days Out Shop, completely in the look and feel of Tango. We provide a sharp and varied selection in the shop, its fulfillment and aftercare.

The shop offers a wide range of experiences and activities, which are always offered with discounts of up to 70%. If the customer spends the accumulated Tango Credit here, the deal of their choice becomes even cheaper. The Tango Days Out Shop can be accessed directly from the app through a Single Sign On.

Primary Goals

  • Customer loyalty
  • Creating distinctiveness


  • Over 57% of registered customers actively use the deals in the app
  • Many positive reactions from customers about the extensive possibilities in the app
  • The Tango Outings Shop offers advantage, priority and privilege by which Tango distinguishes itself from competitors

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