Prénatal Mother and Child

How can Prénatal Mother and Child express additional appreciation to its colleagues and respond to their personal needs?

Approach Touch Incentive

Touch developed the completely customized Prénatal for YOU! Shop, completely in the look and feel of Prénatal Mother and Child.

Here colleagues enjoy exclusive discounts on the best days out, such as amusement parks, zoos, cinemas, wellness and other cool products such as headphones, watches, kitchen appliances and other gadgets. All without shipping costs!

In addition, the program promotes vitality with a unique sports offer via the largest sports platform in the Netherlands; Champ.

The program was widely announced within Prénatal Mother and Child, which included via the intranet, a mailing and a flyer at home.

Via a monthly newsletter, colleagues are now kept informed of new deals.

Primary goals

  • Encourage employee satisfaction.
  • Offering something exclusive to colleagues.
  • Allowing colleagues to benefit from real discounts.
  • A great addition to the terms of employment.


  • The platform is alive in the workplace and there are many positive reactions from colleagues.
  • In the first month, more than 30% of colleagues are already registered on the platform (relevance).
  • Of the registered colleagues, 50% have subscribed to the newsletter (strong commitment).

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