How can we boost the current Essent Thuisvoordeel loyalty programme so that customers feel more valued and we can encourage sustainable choices?

The Touch Approach

Together with Essent, we opted for a complete redesign and (re)introduction of the free customer programme Thuisvoordeel. We opted for a distinctive proposition with a triple benefit aimed at stimulating energy-efficient behaviour:

Discount on electricity tariff
Participating customers receive a nice discount on the electricity tariff, of up to 10%.
Large discount on energy saving products: in the Home Supply Shop and with savings credit
In the Home Supply Shop, customers can buy energy saving products, such as a water saving shower head, radiator foil or a smart thermostat, at a considerable discount. The range also includes days out, household appliances and much more!
With savings credit, customers save for substantial discounts on the purchase of solar panels, insulation and a heat pump. This credit increases every year.

Surprising benefits, including gifts via the Essent Choice Gift Platform
Via the Essent Choice Gift Platform, customers receive an extra surprise at various times of the year with a nice gift of their choice. An entirely new claims platform has been set up for this purpose, with Touch arranging a surprising gift assortment. Think of micro gifts such as Airmiles, chocolate, charity or magazine vouchers.

primary objectives

  • Churn reduction
  • Increase customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS)


  • More than 750,000 customers are already participating
  • High number of visitors and orders in the Thuisvoorde Shop and the Essent Choice Gift Platform
  • Substantially increased NPS score and a reduction in the churn rate

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