Tips for employee satisfaction

You want to increase employee satisfaction in your company. How do you do that and where do you start? We would like to give you three tips to increase your employee satisfaction. Are you curious why employee satisfaction is so important? Then read this blog.

Employee satisfaction is the key to a successful organization. Satisfied employees are more productive and less often sick. Engaged employees even walk a step harder for the organization. This reduces costs and increases sales. What more could you want as an employer? With the following tips, we would like to explain how you can increase employee satisfaction.


Receiving appreciation is enormously valuable for employees. When results are achieved and colleagues or managers express their recognition for this, this gives a boost to self-confidence. This increases the motivation and satisfaction of employees.

You can let your employees know in simple ways that they are doing well. For example, give a compliment once in a while. This already does people good. Do you really want to give a reward? Then think about a gift or benefit card. These products have a high attention value and are also fun to give and fun to get!

So start by increasing employee satisfaction by expressing appreciation. This gives your colleagues the feeling that they really contribute something to the organization.

Start by increasing employee satisfaction by expressing appreciation

Support a healthy work-life balance
Motivate personal development

It is important to keep employees challenged in their jobs. That way they don’t get bored with the work they do. This can be done, for example, by offering courses or training. In this way, employees are challenged and continue to develop. Moreover, this gives employees the feeling that you are willing to invest in them, which also shows a form of appreciation.

In addition, give your staff the space to discuss issues such as working from home or flexible working hours. This gives employees the feeling that they are being heard, which in turn they can appreciate.

Encourage a healthy lifestyle

As an employer, you can additionally encourage a healthy lifestyle. The better people feel in their skin, the more productive they are at work. Research even shows that 62% of employees want their employer to motivate them to get and stay fit.

This can be done, for example, by providing a fruit box at the office or by holding joint sports classes. Besides being fun and healthy, sports with colleagues is also an effective form of team building. A more informal alternative could be the Gezond & Fit Voordeelkaart. This incentive can be used as a reward and, at the same time, promote a healthy lifestyle!

Motivate mutual bonding
The working atmosphere in an organization determines many factors. Think of the workload, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Healthy relationships between employees and colleagues are therefore essential. The feeling of togetherness leads to a greater sense of joint responsibility. You can achieve this by planning structural group activities. Think of dinners, drinks or other team outings.

A loyalty program can also contribute to mutual bonding. Both individual and team achievements can be rewarded with points that can be used to buy (team) outings and products.

A good example is the Yource Coins savings program. Employees save for points with every month they are employed. With birthdays or anniversaries they receive extra points. Personal effort is also rewarded, such as following courses or achieving targets. This program is so woven into the organization that employees think in terms of Yource Coins and encourage each other with their enthusiasm. Read more about it here.

Reward your own employees?

Looking for ways to reward your employees for the work they do and increase employee satisfaction? How about a gift or benefit card? People love gift cards! They are fun to give and fun to get.

When you are looking for a structural solution, a loyalty program can also offer a good solution. It allows you to continuously build valuable relationships. We would like to think along with you about a suitable solution.

Turn your satisfied employees into engaged employees!
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