importance of employee satisfaction

Staff satisfaction is very important in an organization. But why is this so important? In our blog you can read all about it. Are you more interested in how to keep your employees happy? Then read this blog.

The importance of employee satisfaction

Happy employees are a key to the success of your organization. Science shows that happy people are more creative, productive and stress resistant. Happy employees also work harder and are less likely to be sick. Increasing employee satisfaction is therefore essential.

From satisfied to engaged employees

You don’t just want your staff to be happy, you also want them to feel involved in the organization. Satisfied employees feel comfortable in their jobs and are less likely to leave the organization. Engaged employees are happy with their job, but will also really commit to the organization. They are willing to go that extra mile. They work with more pleasure and are more customer-oriented. This increases the quality of work, research shows.

Importance of employee satisfaction for the organization

The same research shows that organizations benefit greatly from high employee engagement. This shows good and high figures:

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Satisfied employees therefore means a win-win situation for the employees and organization!

Research on employee satisfaction

To increase your own employee satisfaction, start with a starting point. This can be a survey of current employee satisfaction. Organizations can do this through satisfaction questionnaires. These include questions about work and working conditions. Relationships with colleagues and working conditions are also covered.

By addressing these topics, the organization gains insight into satisfaction. This allows dissatisfaction to be discovered in time and prevented within teams.

“Engaged employees are happy with their jobs, but in addition will be genuinely committed to the organization”

Increase employee satisfaction

Once the current level of employee satisfaction has been mapped out, you can look at how it can be increased. You can do this, for example, by rewarding the staff for their efforts. Gift cards for employees are always a good idea. Are you curious about more tips to increase satisfaction? Then also read this blog!

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