4 reasons why (digital) gift cards are so popular
It is one of the most popular products within loyalty campaigns: the gift card. Research into the increasing popularity of gift cards shows how these gift cards within loyalty campaigns create a win-win situation for both consumers and organizations.
Valuable addition of digital gift cards
You may be wondering how this product creates a win-win situation. With these reasons, we explain why digital gift cards are a valuable addition to any loyalty campaign
Gift card as a gift
Digital gift cards are a real godsend within loyalty campaigns. This is partly because digital gift cards can be redeemed at multiple locations. This makes it easy to give them as a gift to someone. Gift cards are also better received by consumers than regular money, according to the study. As a company, you can distribute gift cards at certain times of the year, such as Christmas. In addition, storing digital gift cards is very convenient. Thus, consumers easily take the gift card with them. Gift cards are also cheaper for a business. Because the cards are purchased in large numbers, you pay less per gift card than the value listed on the card. So you can see the win-win situation coming back! Through our experience, we know that gift cards are a great success within loyalty programs. Consumers use loyalty programs to save on expenses. Through the brand’s or store’s loyalty campaign, every time you spend, you also save for points, for example, which you can later redeem for cash or products.
“Gift cards are easy to order, personalize, and are delivered quickly.”
Gift cards more fun than cash
Research shows that employees would rather receive a gift card than cash. Money is often spent directly on fixed expenses such as bills or groceries. With a gift card, the recipient is really buying something for themselves. A gift card is also more personal because it is often for a specific store or industry. Think of a Bol.com or BeautyCadeau voucher. Also nice to give is a Select Gift Card. Then the recipient chooses their own gift card.
Increased and extended brand interaction
In addition, the gift card has more brand interaction than cash. With a (digital) gift card, the brand stays on top of mind with the consumer longer! This increases loyalty to the brand. Research shows that this is because the gift card ends up in the mailbox or on a shelf. As a result, the consumer sees the gift card regularly before it is used. In some cases, branding of the gift card is possible, for example, by sending a personalized branding email. Sometimes the look and feel of the card can even be customized to match your company’s brand. This way, the consumer is reminded of the brand when the card is redeemed.
Personal and Fast
Another study by Blackhawk Network found that consumers perceive digital gift cards as personal and fast. This is because they are easy to order, personalize and deliver quickly. These insights are useful to take away for companies thinking about using digital vouchers in their loyalty program.
Have you become enthusiastic?
Did you know that giftcards for employees are also nice as a gift? Gift cards are cheaper than money, they are suitable for every gift occasion, they have more perception than money and you show appreciation to your employees. Would you like more information about the possibilities of digital gift cards within your loyalty campaign? Please feel free to contact our loyalty expert Remco van der Linden. He will be happy to explain all about it.
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