5 questions for Vinny Truvnev

Vinny has been with Touch since 2023 and is one of our Sales Managers.

“The most satisfaction I get from closing great deals with satisfied customers!”

1. How do you start your working day?

I can usually start the day quietly because I am in the office at 8:00 am. I get a cup of tea and open my mail. Here I go through everything for a while and then plan for the day.

2. What are your activities on a day?

As Account Manager Promotions I am mainly busy with new business. Every day I try to get in touch with potential customers to provide information about our exclusive gift cards. Of course, I also maintain contact with important customers from the Touch Incentive network.

3. Which project or final product to which you contributed makes you proud?

Because I recently started, there is no project/end product that I am most proud of. I can say that the orders are coming in nicely and that I am working hard to promote our exclusive gift cards.

4. What makes your job so enjoyable?

For me, every day is different. You come into contact with all kinds of different customers who have different goals and requests. At Touch, we always try to come up with something that meets the customer’s needs. I get the most satisfaction from closing great deals with satisfied customers.

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