5 questions for Stef Zantman

Stef works at Touch since 2011 and is our Commercial Director.

“The fact that we have collaborations with national institutions is very cool.”

1. How do you start your working day?

I always start the day with a hot cup of coffee and then I go through the day. I look at what I have in my agenda for this day. Then I call a number of customers. This can be about current actions to check how the client thinks things are going, but also about new platforms that are designed in consultation with a customer. In addition, I make proposals for savings programs or promotions and I answer my emails.

2. What are your activities on a day?

On my workday, I go after proposals. When a customer comes to us and wants to start a collaboration, we make a proposal for what action or platform would be suitable for them. When I have sent such a proposal to a potential customer, I’ll call later to see what they think. In addition, I am always looking for prospects in the market. Entering into new collaborations is always great!

3. Which project or final product to which you contributed makes you proud?

LSMO is a national network in healthcare where we now have a collaboration with nine institutions. We have created a closed platform for all authorities with all kinds of outings. For example, members of these organizations can choose a trip with a discount on the platform. The fact that we have collaborations with national institutions is very cool.

4. What makes your job so enjoyable?

Every day looks different and you are often on the road to new or existing customers. I make it a sport to keep finding new customers. That makes the work very varied and challenging.

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