5 questions for Rached Aaden

Rached is studying to become an E-Commerce manager in Twente. Due to his future plans in Rotterdam, he opted for an internship at Touch where he has been working since February 2024.

“Because I work in different departments, I really get to know the organisation well.”

1. How do you start your working day?

First of all, I start at home with a good breakfast and then head for the metro. Once in the metro, I watch a series, this way I always have a good start. When I arrive at the office, I first greet my colleagues. Then I check what’s on my schedule and make a to-do list for the whole day.

2. What are your activities on a day?

In terms of work, it often varies, which makes it fun. I work in the ‘Touch Loyalty’ and ‘Touch Promotions Retail’ departments.

At Loyalty, I work on formatting monthly newsletters for customers such as Samsung and Conduent, highlighting deals, outings and gifts that can be ordered advantageously by employees with accumulated points from such companies. At Promotions Retail, I have been mainly involved in invoicing customer orders.

I also deal with our organisation’s socials. Every Friday, together with Sanne, my fellow intern, and supervisors Laura and Wendy, I have a consultation on how to fill the content calendar of Instagram and LinkedIn. Here, we also get to share our own inspiration and ideas. This is how I came up with the idea of creating an infographic about our organisation, which I am now working on together with the director Dennis van den Berg. Making Instagram Reels, Laura and Wendy give me tips and leave the rest to me. I am proud of the work I am delivering now.

3. Which project or final product to which you contributed makes you proud?

What I am proud of is the perseverance I showed in creating the newsletters. It took a lot of getting used to the system in the beginning, but over time I was able to create them at a rapid pace. Another thing I am proud of is that I was given the responsibility of trying (with guidance) to bring in a new client, namely a call centre company where I myself work as a side job. We are still working on it, but that I was given this task at the beginning of my internship period, I am very proud of that and it has provided a lot of motivation.

4. What makes your internship so enjoyable?

I get a lot of satisfaction from the work I have. Because I work in different departments, I really get to know the organisation well. I have very nice colleagues who have all taken good care of me.

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