5 questions for Maja Abdul

Maja has been working for Touch as Category Management Support since 2023.

“I love my job because I can see a nice progress after a full working day.”

1. How do you start your working day?

First of all, I check that all products in stock are online in the shop. Then I complete my to-do list. I am mainly busy with adding products, managing content, implementing price changes and linking new articles to the price lists. For ING, I check the stock and also supply content of new articles.

2. What are your activities on a day?

We will soon be moving to a different system, which requires a lot of preparatory work. My role in this is to enter all new physical products into the new system, as well as helping to enter existing physical products.

3. Which project or final product to which you contributed makes you proud?

In the new system, all product images have to be converted to a different format. I myself have converted a large number and am running well on schedule. I am proud of my work pace and result of my work.

4. What makes your job so enjoyable?

I love my position so much that I even moved next door to the company! Working with great colleagues motivates my working day. I love my job because I can see nice progress after a full working day.

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