5 questions for Kiki Lutje Beerenbroek

Kiki has been working as an Administration Officer at Touch since 2023.

“What makes my job special is that it is very compatible with my studies.”

1. How do you start your working day?

Although in daily life I often rush into somewhere, I usually arrive at the office early if public transport cooperates well. I always have a cup of coffee first and check my mailbox. Then the day can begin!

2. What are your duties during your day?

As Administration Officer, I fulfil the tasks assigned to me every week. I now work two days a week in addition to completing my Business Administration studies at Erasmus University. My tasks mainly concern the transition to the new accounting system. My job is very broad and I learn something new every week. There is always plenty to do!

3. What project or end product that you contributed to are you proud of?

The tasks assigned to me entail a lot of responsibility. I am therefore especially proud of how meticulously I work and ensure, for example, that invoices are correctly in the system. For ourselves and for the customers.

4. What makes your job so fun?

What makes my job special is that it is easy to combine with my studies. I can apply my knowledge here and in addition, I also learn a lot about how things work here at Touch. I get satisfaction from fulfilling my tasks and the pleasant shop floor, in addition to the flexibility and varied challenges.

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