5 questions for Kevin Martens

Kevin has been with Touch since 2010 and is our Commercial Director Loyalty!

“The diversity of activities and The wonderful clients I get to work for make my job especially rewarding.”

1. How do you start your workday?
The day usually starts pretty early for me, between 7:30 and 08:00. First I grab a cup of coffee and with my fruit and yogurt I get behind my laptop to have breakfast, set the priorities for the day and answer important mails. I like to do this before all the meetings start again and the colleagues dribble in.

2. What are your activities in your day?
My activities are very diverse. However, the thing I enjoy most is coming up with loyalty concepts for clients, developing them and setting them up. The contact with the customer, the creative process and the results we achieve for the customers is what ultimately drives me every day.

3. What project or end product that you have contributed to are you proud of?
The program a.s.r. Vitality is all about stimulating healthy choices and thus making the Netherlands fitter and healthier. This is a program where the social interest and the loyalty mechanism I have been working with for years come together beautifully. Working with the client on the market fit of this program and the results we have achieved do make me proud.

4. What makes your job so much fun?
The diversity of work and the wonderful clients I get to work for make my job especially fun. When clients manage to exceed their goals with their programs it gives me maximum satisfaction.

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