5 questions for Hidde van der Ent

Hidde is studying E-Com Academy and has been an intern at Touch as a Content and Project Management trainee since October 2023.

“The variety in my work allows me to expand my skills.”

1. How do you start your working day?
I start my ideal day with a cold shower and a nice breakfast, because that gives me a lot of energy. At work, I take a quick moment to get everything up and running. I check my schedule, have another drink and then I get to work.
2. What are your activities on a day?
As an intern, I work in the Marketing, Promotions and Service departments. I help with customer interactions, coming up with promotions and contribute to marketing tasks, such as creating newsletters and writing social media posts. I also complete various assignments for my school.
3. Which project or final product to which you contributed makes you proud?
I enjoy making the newsletters and planning for the new year. For Touch’s social media channels, we recently made a digital tour of the premises, which I also really enjoyed. I also enjoy helping out in customer service.
4. What makes your job so enjoyable?
As an intern in the Marketing, Customer Service and Promotions department, I experience new things every day. Creatively coming up with social media posts and helping customers makes my internship fun and educational.
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