5 questions for Bianca Koerten

Bianca works at Touch since 2020 as Desk Top Publisher.

“Making beautiful things, who doesn’t want that?”

1. How do you start your working day?

Before my working day starts, I usually go for a walk (sometimes alone, sometimes with my two dogs). Then I check my bag and leave for the office. After booting up my computer, I start reading emails and looking at the schedule. We often discuss priorities among ourselves and then I get to work.

2. What are your activities on a day?

My work is very diverse, which means it never gets boring. From large montages in Photoshop to the layout and care of printed matter. This includes advertisements, booklets, vouchers, banners and, of course, our own printed matter. Platform and website design are also part of my work.

3. Which project or final product to which you contributed makes you proud?

It is the large montages I work on the most intensively and when this is finished I am certainly very proud of it. A while back, I had the opportunity to design a number of walking and cycling routes for our own Hiking & Biking routes, which was great fun to do. The end result was therefore something to be proud of.

4. What makes your job so enjoyable?

Making beautiful things, who doesn’t want that? I get the most satisfaction from projects where I first think ‘where am I going to start’ and then manage to complete them successfully.

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