Gift cards are the gift
For employees

Gift cards are becoming increasingly popular. Even as gifts for staff. Are you curious why gift cards are so great for employees?
Gift cards are the gift for employees
The popularity of gift cards is booming in the corporate market. More and more employers are giving employees gift cards on holidays, birthdays, as thank you gifts or for other work-related occasions. Now you’re probably curious why gift cards are so suitable. We are happy to explain the benefits!
When employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs. Appreciation increases job satisfaction. If employees enjoy coming to work, their productivity also increases. As an employer, you can show your appreciation for your staff by giving them a small gift such as a gift card. Research shows that employees prefer to receive a gift card from the employer. The value of this gift card does not have to be very high. It is mainly about the gesture and not so much about the amount on the card. Such a gift card is therefore not only nice for the staff, but indirectly also for the boss! Want to know more about the importance of employee satisfaction? Then read this blog.
So a gift card is not only nice for the staff, but indirectly for the boss as well!
Gift cards more fun than money
Research shows that employees would rather receive a gift card than cash. Money is often spent directly on fixed expenses such as bills or groceries. With a gift card, the recipient is really buying something for themselves. A gift card is also more personal because it is often for a specific store or industry. Think of a or BeautyCadeau voucher. Also nice to give is a Select Gift Card. Then the recipient chooses their own gift card.
Advantage and digital gift cards
Consider a benefit card as well. This gives the recipient access to a benefit platform with discounts of up to 70% on selected deals. For example, the Erop Uit Benefit Card, which gives the recipient up to 70% discount on the best days out. In addition, these cards can also be loaded with a balance of your choice. In this way, the card also functions as a gift card and the recipient can therefore immediately benefit from the advantages on the platform! Nowadays, digital gift cards are also becoming increasingly popular. These cards can often be personalized. In that case, the recipient receives an e-voucher via a personalized e-mail. A digital gift card often costs less because no card needs to be produced and sent.
Better for the wallet
Gift cards are also better for the employer’s wallet. Through the right provider, there are often attractive B2B terms. This means you give a gift card of a certain value, but as a company you pay less than the value on the card. Thus, gift cards are also more economical than cash, where the cost is equal to the value you give. In addition, gift cards can be purchased more inexpensively by employers when using the Work Expenses Scheme.
Suitable for any time

You can use gift cards for all kinds of times and occasions throughout the year. For example, more and more employers are giving a gift card at Christmas. But you can also give a gift card for other occasions. For example, colleagues’ birthdays, a married employee or just for fun. In the world of gift cards there is something for everyone.

The seasons can also be a reason to give a gift card. For example, consider an Ice Cream Gift Card on a hot summer day or treat yourself to a cup of coffee and some goodies on an autumnal day with the Coffee Gift Card.

Gift cards for employees: always a good idea
A gift card for employees is always a good idea. Gift cards are more economical than money, they suit every gift occasion, they have more perception than money and you show appreciation to your employees. Are you curious about our gift and benefit cards? Read more about them here!
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